Thursday, March 10, 2016

Water Heater Woes

 Last night before I went to bed I heard what sounded like rushing & boiling water. The sound was coming from the attic so I did a Google search to see what it could mean. It said that usually means the water heater is burning off the minerals that build up overtime.

Well, when I got up this morning and went to get some clothes out of the dryer I stepped in some water on the floor! There was water leaking from the water heater in the attic. I hurried and called Curt and asked him what to do. He said we needed to turn it off, so I had Nick go up there and Curt walked him through what to do. I gave Nick our huge Gatorade container and some towels so he could soak up the water that was in the drip pan. Then he put the wet towels in the Gatorade container. What contractor's dumb idea was it to put the water heaters in the attic instead of the garage!?!?!
 I called my boss to let him know I'd be a little bit late to work. Autumn had fun helping out by "skating" around on a towel to dry up the water that had dripped onto the floor. Riannon was so kind & came and picked Autumn up while she was out running errands so I could head to work instead of having to take Autumn over to their house. I called a guy Curt recommended to replace it and he said he can replace it tomorrow! YAY!

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Samuel said...

Yikes - it sounds like you have it in hand, but that could potentially be a very big problem. I hope it didn't cause too much damage before you mopped it all up. You're lucky to have caught it so early, but that is definitely poor contracting work. I've done some myself, so I would know.

Samuel @ JS Gas & Property Services