Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Fun

 Autumn LOVES to do hair, and Nate sent me this pic. Autumn had given Olivia 4 pigtails. SO CUTE! I'm glad they're such good cousins/friends.
When I went to get Autumn, Nate was playing a game w/ Olivia by holding her like this and having her kick the ball to Riannon. It was so funny b/c Olivia was laughing like crazy and thought it was the best game ever!
Autumn & I were going to go see "The Young Messiah," which looks really good. But, we were both so tired and just wanted to come home and veg. We've had some stuff to donate in the trunk for a week, so we drove past the drop off place. One of the guys had this tiny cat wrapped up in a blanket. He said someone had found it and brought it to them b/c they're next to a vet clinic. We got to hold the kitty while they unloaded the stuff out of our trunk. So adorable!
We came home & decided to have a pizza picnic in the living room b/c we haven't done that in a while. We wanted to try and pretend to be a little bit healthy w/ our pizza so we made a plate of broccoli to go along w/ it. We watched a movie and then called it a night.

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