Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Gate House Angels

I love driving past this row of popcorn trees when I go to pick up the mail. The trees just keep going and going and they're so pretty this time of year.

 For Young Women's tonight I decided that our Laurel class would write letters to the 3 missionaries we have serving from our ward. However, our new YW secretary gave us all "getting to know you" forms to fill out. So, we ended up spending our whole time filling those out and then sharing what we had written w/ each other. It was good b/c we got to know each other better, we had a lot of dialogue, and we had a good time. Trying to get this picture was like pulling teeth! Autumn took like 10 pics and this was the best of the 10. LOL!

Dad emailed the whole family this picture that someone took of Mom holding a baby in the Gate House. When families from all over Africa come to the temple to be sealed, the children stay at the Gate House for about 6 hours until it's time for them to go be sealed to their parents. Most of the time it's really hard in the Gate House since these kids cry b/c they want their Moms, they often don't speak English, and it's all just new and foreign. But then there's sweet moments like this that make all the hard parts worth it. So sweet!!!

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