Saturday, March 5, 2016

Service Saturday

Last night at dinner we were telling Donna & Abbey about the Feed The Homeless service activity, and they said they wanted to come. So, they met us at our house at 8:00 and we drove over together. We even got Nick to come with us. It's so awesome to see so many tables (behind Autumn) FULL of donated food that will be turned into sandwiches.

Autumn & I bonded w/ Leslie (the lady next to me) the first time we did this, and we've become friends. If she gets there early she saves a table for us and vice versa. We love getting to make sandwiches w/ her.

There weren't as many people here this time, but we still worked hard and got a lot accomplished. We were done by 10:30, and were so glad we were here!

We came home, had some lunch (making all those sandwiches made us have a hankerin' for sandwiches), and worked out in the yard for a while. I hurried and got showered, and then went to get my nails done. I decided to try the NextGen nails this time instead of my usual French tip acrylics. They soak a cotton ball in some solution, then they wrap the soaked cotton ball onto your nails and keep it in place by wrapping tin foil around it.

That sits for about 10 -15 minutes and softens whatever you have on your nail bed. They drill that off and then use a special clear liquid that they paint onto your nails. You then stick your wet finger nail into whatever color of powder you've chosen. They do that for each finger and then they paint and dip again about 5 times for each nail.

After I got my nails done, I went to Cato's to see if they had any new Spring colored clothes out yet. I was able to get 3 shirts, a dress, a belt, and a new necklace. That place is dangerous b/c I find such great stuff that actually fits and it's not super expensive.

I came home and we spent the rest of the day relaxing, cleaning our rooms, watching TV, eating dinner, and just enjoying being together. It was nice to have a lazy Saturday afternoon with nothing planned.

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