Friday, April 1, 2016

Ride Along With Officer Nate

Today at work there was a sales training for all the sales reps. I was lucky & got to go out to lunch w/ them. We went to a really good BBQ place.

Tonight after dinner I went & dropped Autumn of to Riannon & then I went to the police station. I got to do a ride along w/ Officer Nate!!! Most police departments will let their citizens go on ride alongs. All I had to do was fill out a form, have it notarized, they ran a background check to make sure I was all clear, and then they called me a few days later to schedule it. It was SO.MUCH.FUN!!! I was supposed to only be with him for 4 hours, but he called & got permission for me to stay w/ him for another 2 hours. I don't know if it's b/c it was April Fool's or if Friday nights are usually busy but we had A LOT going on! I learned so much and asked so many questions. Of course I had to stay in the car when he got out, but I was able to hear what he was saying b/c he had his microphone on.

We got to push a broken down van off the freeway, take 2 guys to jail, catch kids that were stealing stuff from a gas station, block off the road for a broken down school bus, meet the dispatchers, investigate a report of a gunshot sound, write speeding tickets (I didn't like that part), etc. It was a BLAST! I highly encourage everyone to look into doing a ride along w/ your local law enforcement officers. It's so eye opening & gives you a whole new appreciation for them and all that they do. He finally dropped me off at 1:00 am so I could go home and get some sleep. I can't wait to do it again sometime!!!

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packmom said...

Hey there- It's been awhile. You cut your hair and I love it. It looks super cute. How fun to do a ride along with the police. It sounds like an interesting night. So many good times you are having. Autumn looked beautiful in her Easter dress. Happy spring!