Monday, April 25, 2016

Nate's 29th Birthday

Today is Nate's 29th birthday, and he had a mini midlife crisis. He was realizing that he'll be thirty next year and that he's a full fledged adult w/ a real job, a wife, a house, and (almost) 2 kids! It was really funny to see him freaking out. But look at what a great adult he's become! Autumn & I got him a bunch of fun & random things for his birthday gift. One of them was a super hero cape (yep, he wore it the whole time at dinner), b/c he's our favorite policeman!

 For his birthday dinner he chose to go to Cheddar's. We LOVE that place, and especially this big old tower of onion rings. YUM! It was fun to eat together and talk and laugh.

 For dessert we went back to my house. Riannon had gotten a big bundt cake. It was delicious! For our FHE lesson we had Nate share his top 5 life lessons he's learned in his 29 years. Then we had fun just joking around and having fun. I'm so thankful he's my brother, and it's been such a joy to see all the great things he has done with his life. Happy Birthday, Nater Skater Boo Boo Head!

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