Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Storm That Never Was

I took this picture b/c it was REALLY windy today. Plus, we kept hearing reports on the news that we were going to get terrible storms with lots of damaging hail coming into the area around 3:00. Well, this was at 5:00 pm and as you can see there were no storms.

By the time I got Autumn from daycare and we came home, it was supposed to be super bad. 2 of my young women were going to come over to Brownies & Bonding, but we decided to cancel it since the weather was going to get worse. It ended up not being bad at all, and we just got lots of heavy rain around 10:30 pm. It was nice to have an evening off with nothing going on. Autumn & I ate dinner and then spent the rest of the night relaxing, watching TV, and just spending time together.

I'm glad we didn't have horrible storms like they were predicting, b/c so many people in the area are still trying to recover from the hail storm that went through here 2 weeks ago and did a lot of damage.

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