Saturday, May 7, 2016

2 Volleyball Games & New Shoes For Nick

 Our morning started bright & early since Autumn had 2 volleyball games. She likes to wear my big "bug eye" sunglasses in the car and it cracks me up!

 The girls did great their first 3 games, but didn't win any of them. Autumn's overhand serves are getting so much better and I'm proud of the girls and how well they played. The games are for sure a lot faster this far into the season as compared with their first few games. They know what they're doing now and how rotations work. 

 Their first game finished and they had 30 minutes before their next game started. The coaches gave them a pep talk, and then to help them practice we played a game of parents against kids. It was a lot of fun and helped the girls relax and destress before the next game. They didn't win any of the 3 rounds they played, but that's OK.

We came home, had lunch, Facetimed w/ Mom & Dad, and then took Nick shoe shopping. Mom said for her Mother's Day gift she wanted Nick to THROW AWAY his old work shoes and go get new ones. They were so ratty, the inside linings are shredded, and they are falling apart. Autumn & I took him over to the Nike outlet store.

He found a pair he loved, which is a big deal b/c he's super picky about how things feel. They ended up being Air Jordans (he cares nothing about brands), and they were on sale for $90. That's A LOT of money for Nick but I told him if he loves them and they're comfortable and he'll wear them, then it's definitely worth the investment.

We dropped him off at home so he could get ready for work, and then Autumn & I went over to Mom & Dad's house to pick up the mail and check on a few things. After that we went grocery shopping to get some stuff we needed. We went by Nate & Riannon's house after grocery shopping to pick up some mail they had that we needed. Then we stopped by the bank, put gas in the car, came home, put groceries away, and were DONE for a while!

We relaxed, watched TV, I took a little nap, and then we had dinner. At 6:30 I had an appointment to get my nails done b/c it was time and a few of them had cracked. Autumn talked me into getting the color changing nails again. After that we came home, watched TV, and then went to bed.

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Jen T said...

Winning is not everything, and it is good for kids to realize that. Just being part of a team and participating is important. Glad he got new shoes because he definitely needed them! Hope you have a happy Mother's Day!!