Friday, May 6, 2016

Early Mother's Day Presents

Our doorbell rang this morning at 6:00 this morning and I wondered who in the world it could be? I threw on some jammies, looked through the peep hole, and saw it was Nate. He had just gotten off from work, and brought me this early Mother's Day gift! This BEAUTIFUL plant is native to South Africa (even though the plant is called Italian Heather). That's a fun coincidence since that is where Mom & Dad are serving their mission, and since Autumn & I got to go there for 2 weeks in February.

The corsage is a tradition my Dad has done for as far back as I can remember. My Mom always had a corsage to wear to church for Mother's Day. Since my divorce, he has always made sure I had one as well! But since he's not here, Nate filled in and got one for me. Cue the happy tears! It made me so happy and made me feel so special and so loved!

We had nothing going on tonight, so I tried to talk Autumn into going to see the new Jungle Book movie. But, she just likes to be at home so she can relax and "organize" her stuff. I think she needs some quite down time after making it through such a busy week.

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