Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Autumn, The First Aid "Dummy"

Tonight for Young Women's the Stake put together a camp training for all the YCL's (youth camp leaders), which are girls 16-18. They wanted all the YCL's and leaders to be there. The idea is that they train the YCL's and then the YCL's teach the younger girls and they all get to pass off their certifications. I was assigned to go to the First Aid station first, and Bro. F asked Autumn to be the "dummy." She had a great job, b/c she just got to lay on the table and relax. 

 Bro. F was just filling in for the guy who was supposed to run this station, b/c he never showed up! Luckily this lady in our group just happened to be a CPR instructor. She was telling us that the rules for CPR have now changed. You no longer check their airways or heart beat. You look to see if their chest is moving up and down to indicate breathing or not. If they are NOT breathing, you go straight into CPR. You do compressions right in the middle of their chest, and you don't worry about giving them breaths at all.

The Stake did a FABULOUS job and had stations set up for makeshift shelters, fires, cooking, sanitation, flag folding, compass, and tying knots. I left feeling very educated!

All the other youth tonight got to help put flyers on the doors of people in various neighborhoods. The flyers were inviting them to donate canned goods for a big food drive that is happening this weekend. Our church participates along w/ several other churches in the community to do a weekend of service. This is just one of the many projects that will be going on this weekend. I'm proud of our youth! It's kind of sad that all of them were looking at their phones instead of talking & interacting w/ each other.

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