Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Brush, Burn, And Brownies & Bonding

 In honor of what would have been my Rufio's 89th birthday today, I had my nails done in purple, since purple was her "signature color." They're fun, just like my Rufio, because they change color based on temperature. I hope Rufio knows how much she is missed and LOVED!!!

 I was editing pictures on my laptop tonight after I downloaded them from my phone. I saw this one and was going to delete it, but then I realized it tells a story. It shows Autumn's long legs and how much she's growing. It shows her leopard print leggings she loves, b/c she wore them in South Africa on our safari for good luck and we did end up seeing a leopard on the day she wore them. It shows her new black shoes that she has been loving b/c they are comfortable to her. It shows her pink brush on the floor, b/c she's usually running behind in the mornings and ends up having to brush her hair in the car on the way to school. It shows our fun tropical print car mats. Lots of little stories from one picture.

 I know this looks gross, but I'm all about documenting the good AND the bad in our lives. I was getting something out of the oven a few days ago and didn't realize my arm was too close to the top burner. It burned me pretty bad, and it about an inch and half long. I put ice on it immediately and it didn't look bad the first day, but now it's gotten worse and it tries to heal. It's also red and inflamed around the bottom of it. I've been putting lots of medicated lotion on it to try and help it heal better.

Kaitlyn & Lindsay came over tonight for Brownies & Bonding. Kaitlyn isn't quite 12 yet, but I still wanted to get to know her since she'll be a Beehive soon. While we were waiting for the brownies to bake, I had them try our 3-2-1 cake in a mug. They're such fun girls and it's great getting to know them better outside of church.

Becky Higgins, the creator of Project Life, was doing a contest where you printed out this sheet and wrote why you use Project Life. If you posted it to social media w/ the hashtag #IUseProjectLife, then she would pick a winner to have a 30 minute Skype session w/ her. We didn't win, but I'm still glad we did it. I LOVE Project Life and the ease w/ which I'm able to record our memories in a cute yet functional way.

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