Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day 2016

 This morning I got up and made 2 pasta salads to take to the 3 parties we are going to today. As we were driving out of the neighborhood, there were some kids selling baked goods on the corner. I like to stop at those stands, b/c they're out doing something good and trying to earn some money. Plus, it makes them so happy when people stop. They said their baked goods cost 50 cents, so I gave them 50 cents and they handed us a brownie in a bag. I was expecting it to be a little piece, but this thing was HUGE and super thick. Plus, it tasted AMAZING. I think it was one of those good Ghiradelli mixes from Costco. If we weren't already halfway to the church when I tried it, we would have turned around and bought a bunch more. YUM!

 Our ward had a Memorial Day BBQ, but we always take time before we eat to say a prayer, say the pledge of allegiance, and hear a spiritual thought. I'm thankful for all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives in order to protect the MANY freedoms we enjoy here in America. I love this quote, "Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you; Jesus Christ and the American solider. One died for your soul; the other for your freedom."

 We had quite the FEAST! Everyone signed up to bring side dishes like salads, chips, desserts, etc. Then the ward provided hamburgers, hot dogs, and the yummiest Texas brisket! I did what I do best and helped organize everything when people first got there and were bringing food.

 After Autumn & I stuffed ourselves and mingled w/ our ward family, we went over to the D's house at 12:30 for a swim party. They had yummy food for us to eat, too!

 They had invited 2 other families over besides us, and the kids had a blast playing while us adults sat and talked. We are loving their nice new pool.

 By this time it was 2:30, so we went over to Nate & Riannon's for Family Home Evening. Autumn & I were both worn out from all the fun & festivities, so we just vegged out on the couch and watched 101 Dalmatians w/ Olivia. Olivia had fun playing w/ Autumn's long hair. I was so tired that I closed my eyes for a few minutes and ended up taking a 45 minute nap!

 At 5:00 some ladies from a dog foster home came over to bring Nate & Riannon 2 puppies to choose from. Nate & Riannon had gone to a pet store yesterday just to look & they were having an "adoption sale." I love it that anyone wanting to adopt a rescue dog has to have an in-home visit first. That way the house can be checked to make sure it's safe for a dog.

 Both puppies were sweet & adorable, but they ended up deciding to keep the boy dog named Mater. He had lighter brindle coloring and a beautiful gray muzzle.

 He was so cute and snuggled up on the couch while we loved on him.

 What a cute family photo! Nate & Riannon were trying to decide on a different name than Mater, and they ended up settling on Mowgli. It seems to fit him. While we were there he peed in the house a few times, so we had to keep taking him outside. I'm glad we can just come over and play w/ him and get all the benefits of a puppy w/out having to do the hard work of potty training him. LOL!

 For dinner Nate grilled up some bratwurst and veggies. Then after dinner we watched a movie and Riannon & Autumn made brownies. Instead of using regular oil Riannon uses coconut oil and it makes them DELICIOUS! They taste like almond joys.

Autumn & I came home and both went to bed early b/c we had a FULL day. Home of the free, BECAUSE of the brave!!!

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