Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lice Are Not Nice (Round 3)

 It has been raining cats & dogs here for the past week! I LOVE the rain, but am also ready for some nice warmer summer weather.

 I noticed yesterday that Autumn was scratching her head a lot. She kept doing it again tonight, so I inspected and sure enough ... SHE HAS LICE AGAIN!!! She got them for the first time in July 2012, then again in February 2014, This is our THIRD time dealing w/ them. I'm pretty sure she got them from when we were on the charter buses to the Color Fun Run. The seats on the bus where upholstered, and who knows how many people sat in those seats and leaned their heads back against the head rests!?!?! I told her last time that if she got lice, we'd have to cut her hair b/c there's no way I can comb through all of that long hair w/ the tiny nit comb. She just cried and cried and cried when I told her she had lice, b/c she knew that meant we'd have to cut her hair. As you can see, it was almost down to her waist! 

I felt so bad, and I even cried too! I hate having to cut her gorgeous long hair, but it has to be done to get rid of the lice effectively. I cut 9" off (yes, I measured) so her hair will now be just below her shoulder blades. Luckily I had one bottle of left over lice shampoo from the last round, so I treated her hair and then I sat & combed through it all w/ the little nit comb.  Of course we didn't discover it until bedtime as opposed to way earlier in the evening. I stripped her bed and washed all her bedding in hot water. We took all her pillow pets and stuffed animals that she sleeps w/ at put them in a sealed trash bag out in the garage. I also had to wash all my towels and sheets too, and give myself a lice treatment!

Nick got home around 9:30 & was an ANGEL to keep 2 small mugs of super hot water rotating through for me. I would comb one small section and dip the comb in the hot water to get any knits or lice off the comb before going to the next section. It took 2 hours, and we finally finished at 11:30! Towards the end, poor Autumn was crying and begging to get to go to bed b/c she was so tired. Can you imagine how long we would have been combing her hair if I hadn't cut 9" off!?!?!

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