Monday, June 20, 2016

Family Home Evening At The Amphitheater

 Tonight for FHE, we decided to go to the Summer Concert Series that our city puts on. Everyone was hungry for In-N-Out, so Autumn & I went and picked that up and headed to the amphitheater for the concert. When we got there, we were super surprised to see an In-N-Out truck that was handing out FREE hamburgers, chips, and drinks! So even though we just spent $20 on food at the restaurant that they were handing out at the concert for free, we got 2 free meals so we could take the extra home to Nick.

 I was carrying 2 blankets, my purse, the camp chair, and the food and I almost tripped and broke my ankle! Luckily I didn't fall, but my ankle is really sore and probably sprained. OUCH! Other than that, it was a great evening. The weather was 95 degrees, but it was actually really pleasant in the shade.

 Autumn is SUCH.A.GOOD.HELPER w/ Olivia. Olivia kept wanting to run down to the flat part of the amphitheater to dance around and play w/ the other kids. Autumn would follow her down there and chase after her to make sure she was safe. They're such cute cousins.

These ladies were sitting close to us and Olivia was OBSESSED w/ their dog. She kept going over to give it loves. The band that was playing was a Rolling Stones cover band, and I didn't know one single song they were singing. But, we still had a great evening together. We finally packed up and left at 8:45. I love it that today's the longest day of the year, but sad that from here on out it will start getting darker just a little bit sooner each night.

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