Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Beauty School Haircut & New Bunk Beds

 Riannon texted me this picture today while I was at work. She wanted a haircut, and while they were there she had them trim Autumn's hair to make it even from when I tried my best to cut it. They went to a beauty school & for the haircut AND eyebrow was for Autumn it was only $14! Awesome!

 She also sent me this pic and said this is what the hot afternoons like around their house. The girls just relaxing and watching a movie surrounded by Legos. LOL!

 When I went to pick Autumn up, Nate was so excited to show me this nice Pottery Barn bunk bed they got from Dr. G for free. Nick had helped him go pick it up in the truck and bring it to Nate's house. They had the bottom part set up, but hadn't put the top bunk on yet. I told Nate I could help him. It ended up being more tricky than I thought it would be, but Nate is SUPERMAN & used his wrestling strength to basically support the whole bed while I hurried and picked up my end. We got it in place and it looks super nice!

 After that we sat and all visited together for a while. Nate had fun doing some Snapchat funny face pics.

This one of Nate & Autumn switching faces had us cracking up. Nate actually looks pretty handsome and Autumn look like a super creepy troll. SO FUNNY!!!

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