Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day 2016

We got to talk to Dad after we got done w/ church today to wish him a Happy Father's Day. He posted this on Facebook, and I wanted to document it here to preserve for future generations. It shows the type of man he is!!!

Happy Father's Days..........
I wanted to say thank you to my kids and family who wished me happy father's day. I also wanted to share with you something I thought of last night when I had not been able to call and wish my own dad Happy Father's Day.......

Last night (I am writing this Monday, 20 June) when I hadn’t been able to talk to my dad, and before I went to bed, I got thinking about how I had “missed father’s day” for my dad. I had tried to call him several times but he never answered (turned out he was at my brothers). I rationalized that I try to talk to him every 1-2 weeks, and that I could call him later this week to tell him I loved him and wish him happy father’s day, I still wanted to talk to him on father’s day if I could. As I was thinking about how I missed father’s day for my dad, I started think of my own kids and what father’s day meant for me as a father. I realized that today really wasn’t “Father’s Day” for me anyway. “Father’s Day” had occurred several times this year and I know will occur again. Several of my “Father’s Days” occurred:

Lisa Marie gave me several “father’s days” earlier this month. It was when as the Young Women’s leader for her ward (church congregation) she took the girls to girl’s camp. The next week she then went with the Beehives (younger girls) to their camp. It was a big sacrifice for her as she had to take vacation time from work, and be away from her daughter Autumn, to do this. It was also a sacrifice in that she doesn’t care to be outdoors but did it anyway so the young women could have their camp. Her service and sacrifice were “father’s days” for me.

Alexis gave me a “happy father’s day” when she was willing to share publicly on Facebook that she has been struggling with depression but has been able to come through a difficult time and is doing better. That is a lifelong struggle she has to deal with but I am proud she is doing so. She has also given me “happy father’s days” by persisting, despite her struggles, in working towards an online degree from BYU Idaho. She has had the support of her husband Jon, and their boys, and in that way they have also given me a “happy father’s days” as well.

Nicholas honored me with a “happy father’s day” several months ago when he gave a talk in church. That is something very difficult for him but he did it. He also honored me when recently we talked to Lisa Marie (who he lives with) and she was worried about him as he had not come home from work when she had expected him. It turned out he had stayed late making sure some dogs locked in a car in the parking lot were OK. His compassion and concern, even for those dogs, was a “happy father’s day.”

Nathan recently gave me a “happy father’s day” on Mother’s Day! As a police officer for our city, he “pulled over” mothers who were driving on Mother’s Day. He then gave them a rose and wished them Happy Mother’s day. In addition to those mothers he made happy, it was also a “happy father’s day” for me. 

It is wonderful that we set aside a “Father’s Day” (and Mother’s Day) but the real “happy father’s day” occurs when my kids do those things that bless others and are of service. This is what bring true joy, happiness, honor and respect into their lives and as such “honors me” as their father. There is nothing more that I as a father can ask for. I know it is the same with my father and I am grateful for that and how he and mom raised me. I hope I can honor him and give him a “happy father’s day” every day of the year. 

And by the way, it turned out that I did get to wish dad happy father’s day on Father’s Day. I got up early this AM and called him at 0545 our time here in Johannesburg, South Africa. That meant it was 2145 hours in Utah. He was still up watching the news so we did get to visit on Father’s Day, his time.  

I love the quote that says, "The most important thing a father can do for is children is to love their mother." ~ Theodore Hesburgh That is one of the MANY things that my Dad EXCELS at. Maybe it's his fault that I've been single for so long ... I have super high expectations b/c I've seen what my parent's marriage is like and I won't settle for less!

I am beyond blessed to be his daughter, and I'm even more thankful that Autumn has him for her Papa. He definitely has his shortcomings (don't we all), but I can honestly say that he's the hardest working person I know. He's also one of the most spiritual people I know.


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