Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Happy Birthday, Mom!

So, we had a miracle happen this evening w/ Autumn's hamster, Humphrey. I was in the kitchen cooking and Autumn brought him into the kitchen in his hamster ball. She needed help putting the lid on tight, b/c it's really hard to do. I was at a critical point in the cooking and couldn't stop stirring something or it would burn, so I told her to wait just a minute. All of a sudden, I heard the ball hit the ground and Autumn started crying. She had dropped it on accident b/c she was trying to tighten the lid herself. I hurried and took the food off the stove and went over to investigate.

I picked up the ball, and it looked like Humphrey's leg was broken w/ the way it was sticking out from under him. But then, when I tipped the ball to move him closer to the hole, I noticed he wasn't moving at all. I looked at his eyes and they were completely glossed over. Humphrey was dead! Now mind you, Humphrey had fallen down a huge flight of stairs on accident at his first home before we got him.

I sadly told Autumn the news that he was dead and she LOST IT! She crumpled into a ball on the floor and started sobbing and saying, "I killed my hamster! I killed my hamster!" I tried to give her a hug and tell her it would be OK, but she just needed some alone time to grieve so she went to her room. I needed to finish cooking dinner, so I gently set the hamster ball w/ the dead Humphrey inside of it on top of the trash in the trash can. That way we could go outside and bury him after dinner next to Autumn's goldfish, Dash.

I felt so HORRIBLE & said a silent prayer that Autumn's heart would heal and that she wouldn't blame herself for his death. That she would realize it was a complete accident. As I was finishing cooking dinner, I heard a noise. I stopped what I was doing and listened carefully. It was coming from the trash can. I rushed over and Humphrey was moving around!!! I ran to show Autumn & her tears of sorrow changed to tears of joy. She was so happy and told me that Heavenly Father gave her a miracle by bringing her hamster back to life!

Riannon let me borrow this book yesterday when I was over there, b/c it's about Hawaii. I spent most of last night & the rest of this evening reading it. I'll most likely end up staying up way too late tonight to finish it. I LOVE to read, but it consumes my life and I don't get anything else done. So far it's been interesting. It's set in the late 1800's/early 1900's, and is about a leprous colony.

Today is Mom's birthday, and Dad treated ALL of these sister missionaries (the men dropped them off and went golfing) to a super fancy breakfast in Mom's honor. I'm so thankful that Heavenly Father sent me to my INCREDIBLE parents. They set such a great example for me. I'm grateful that my Mom is more than just my mother, she's my best friend. I am so excited for them to come home so I can spend more time w/ them.


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