Thursday, June 23, 2016

Israeli Scout Troupe Performance

 We moved our YW activity to tonight, b/c our whole area was invited to attend a performance from a caravan scout troupe from Israel.

 It had a mixture of boys & girls, and they performed lots of cultural songs and dances.

 It was really well done, and I'm glad we got to attend. Most of the songs were in their native tongue, so we couldn't understand them, but we felt the spirit of what they were trying to share.

 At one point they had all of us in the audience get up and they taught us a few dance moves to one of their songs. Autumn & I had way too much fun w/ that. The highlight for most of the people attending was when they did a Frozen medley of songs. For the last song they had both the American & the Israeli flag waving. That was neat since we had both Mormons & Jews there watching the show together. I wish that we as a human family could realize that we have so much more in common than we have differences!

For refreshments we had Costco cookies & water. Autumn & I stayed until the very end to help clean up. She looked like Santa Claus as she carried this bag of trash on her back out to the car. I taught her the sneaky trick of holding the trash bag out the window as we drove the 3 bags of trash down to the trash can. That way you don't have to carry them as you walk all the way down to the dumpsters. Plus, if anything is dripping it drips onto the ground instead of dripping inside your car.

Also, a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Lasses! It was sooooo much fun getting to spend 2 weeks with her when we went to South Africa. I love that we can go weeks without talking, yet we pick right up where we left off when we do talk. She's so much fun & I'm so thankful that we're sisters AND friends! LOVE YOU, LASSES!!!

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