Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 240th Birthday, America!!!

 We got up early this morning so we could get a good parking spot for a local small town's 4th of July Parade. The parade started at 10:00, and we got there at 8:40! We got a great parking spot and then walked around the town square to kill some time.

 We loved checking out all the shop windows around the old town square. Autumn especially loved this window display, b/c she said it was fancy and reminded her of Hello, Dolly!

 It rained all last night, and was still raining this morning so the ground was wet. But, they said the parade was still happening ... rain or shine. Luckily, the rain stopped before we left the house and the clouds stuck around so we weren't sitting in the scorching sun. There was a nice breeze and it was 76 degrees. PERFECT parade weather if you ask me!

 Nick made sure I took a picture of this cool car. We'd never seen one like it before. The parade was fun, but short ... just the way we like it.

 We had inadvertently parked on a street that was blocked in on either side by the parade route, so once the parade was over we still had to wait. So, we walked around downtown and found this cool mural on the side of a building.

We even had time to stop in at one of our favorite restaurants that we haven't been to in ages. They have some of THE BEST pie, so we each got a different slice and tried a bite of each other's. By the time we were done eating our pie, the road had been unblocked so we were able to leave. We went grocery shopping to get a few things for our BBQ this evening. 

We went to Mom & Dad's house and had a BBQ w/ Nate, Riannon, Olivia, Autumn, plus Liz & Liberty and their crew (they weren't there yet when I took the pic). We had a great time eating, swimming, doing tricks off the diving board, etc. The cities around us were doing their firework displays at 9:45, but we were all WIPED OUT, so we opted to skip it this year.

Autumn & I came home, watched some fireworks on TV that were going off in the Eastern time zone, and went to bed. Happy 4th of July!!!

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Jen T said...

Sounds like the perfect 4th of July! Glad you are doing well!