Sunday, August 21, 2016

BYD & Pita

Today was a busy Sunday for me. I had ward council in the morning, I taught a lesson in Laurels, and then tonight there was BYD. The Bishopric did a great job giving some words of advice & encouragement before school starts. For dessert the Beehives provided ice cream sundaes.

My lesson in Laurels was about "How Can I Strengthen My Family." I took a different approach and we talked about things we LOVE about our families and things we would like to CHANGE in our families. We also talked about things they can do NOW to prepare to have the type of family life they want in the future for themselves. We discussed how there are some MESSED UP families in the scriptures (Cain killing Abel, Joseph's brothers throwing him in a pit and then selling him as a slave, etc). To end with I gave them some Lego candy and we talked about how to build up our families one piece at a time. I LOVED this quote I found from the blog "Desiring God" ...

"Family harmony is a good desire and something to work toward. But in God's plan, it may not be what is most needed. What may be most needed is for our family to be a crucible of grace, a place where the heat of pressure forces sin to surface, thus providing opportunities for the gospel to be understood and applied. And when this happens, THE MESSES BECOME MERCIES."

After I got back from BYD and got Autumn to sleep, I watched part of the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. Once I saw Pita Taufatofua up on stage dancing, that was all I needed to see and I pretty much fast forwarded through the rest of it. I'm sad he lost in his match yesterday (16 points to 1), but he was still the highlight of the Olympics for me.

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