Monday, August 22, 2016

My Baby Is A 4th Grader!!!

 My baby started 4th grade today!!! How is that even possible since she was just starting Kindergarten last week!?!? She was soooo excited, which is a nice change b/c in all the past years she has been anxious and nervous and worried.

 She has been planning for WEEKS what her special hairdo would be for her first day. She ended up choosing the Dutch Flower Braid by Cute Girls Hairstyle. Sis. Garcia gave her this GORGEOUS headband at church yesterday, and Autumn was THRILLED to add it to her hairdo today b/c it made her feel like a princess. Autumn made sure we got up early today so I had time to do her hair and take pictures before leaving for school.

 We also left the house earlier than usual so I could park and walk her into her classroom. I'm so glad she still wants me to do that instead of being embarrassed. I'm glad I did go in with her, b/c I had prepaid for her school supply package back in May. But, it wasn't in her classroom when we got there today! Her teacher said to go down to the front office to see if they had an extra one. We went down there, but they said we'd have to send an email to the PTA president about it. I was SUPER FRUSTRATED b/c Autumn was going to have NO school supplies, but kept it inside b/c I didn't want Autumn to be upset on her first day of 4th grade.

As soon as I got to work, I emailed the PTA president to let her know about the situation and I included the email I got showing that I had paid in May. Luckily, she emailed me back within a few minutes saying they had an extra 4th grade supply packet and they didn't know who it belonged to. She said she would go deliver it to Autumn in class before lunch. WHEW!

I was so excited to pick Autumn up and hear all about her first day. She said it went great and she really likes her teacher. We came home, had dinner, and then decided to go see the new Pete's Dragon movie. We talked Nick into going w/ us since he was home. As we were driving out of the neighborhood I asked him if he and Savi have a back up plan in case she's not able to come back to the USA w/ him after they are married. He FREAKED OUT and ended up unbuckling himself, opening the car door, and climbing out while I was driving! Luckily I was driving slowly since we were in the neighborhood and I was able to slam on my brakes before he got all the way out of the car.

Autumn & I still went and saw the movie without him, b/c I knew he wanted to be alone to have time to cool off. He wouldn't answer my phone calls (I knew he didn't have his keys and wanted to make sure he had the garage code so he could get back into the house), and I couldn't text him b/c his phone can send out texts but can't receive them for some reason. I finally had to call Nate and have him call Nick to make sure he had gotten back into the house.

The movie was OK, but poor Autumn cried through half of it. I think she's dealing w/ changing hormones but on top of that she's very sensitive and sweet. She cried b/c she misses Rufio and the movie was about loss and letting go and family. It's not one I would see again, although I enjoyed watching it once. I prefer the original Pete's Dragon.

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