Friday, August 5, 2016

Crazy Dog Owner & Sonic Shakes & PITA!!!

 Autumn has been asking to go to Sonic for the past few days, so I told her we could go on Friday night after 8:00 pm b/c the shakes are 1/2 price after 8:00. She put it in my calendar on my phone so we wouldn't forget. As we were driving over there, we saw a dog running down the sidewalk w/ its leash dragging behind it. There was a white car in front of us driving really slowly behind the dog. Every time it pulled over, the dog would take off running.

So, I pulled over and had Autumn get out and go grab the leash and take it to the lady in the white car. She got out of her car, took the leash, walked the dog around to the passenger side of the car, and next thing I know ... I see the dog running down the sidewalk again! It also kept running in the middle of the street and would cross the street all willy nilly.

I figured the dog had gotten away again, so I had Autumn go get the leash one more time and give it to the lady. This time I stuck my head out the window and asked her if the dog was hers or if it was lost? She (in her broken English) said that it was her dog but that she lets it run wherever it wants b/c the dog likes to run and she's too slow to keep up with it!!! So, she just follows along behind it in her car while it runs down the sidewalk and into the street. SAY WHAT!??!?!??! I was sooooooo mad & annoyed. WHO DOES THAT!?!?! UGH!!! I was really proud of Autumn for being such a good helper.

We got our treats at Sonic, came home, watched a little TV, and then I got Autumn to bed. I watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics, and just like the rest of the world I FREAKED OUT when I saw the Tongan flag bearer, Pita Taufatofua. I'm going to have to do some research and find out more about him and his story.

Because I was up late watching the Olympics, I got a 2nd wind around 11:30 and stayed up until 2:00 am!!! For some reason I decided that I needed to layer some of my hair on the crown of my head. As you can see, I didn't take off a lot, but it's never a good idea to cut your own hair at 1:00 in the morning w/ paper cutting scissors. Luckily I have curly hair so you can't even tell.

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