Thursday, August 25, 2016

Free Sno Cones & Life Is Good

 As soon as I got Autumn from daycare today, we went over to her school for "Popsicles On The Playground." They had a sno cone truck there for parents & students to enjoy. We each got a sno cone for free, and I liked this truck b/c you were able to put your own syrup flavors on your sno cone.

  Dad's only been home for one day and is already busy doing projects out in the yard. Mom went grocery shopping today (she was SO HAPPY to shop in a normal American grocery store again), which led to them cleaning out the pantry, which led to Nate & Dad dumping all the old/outdated food into the compost.

 These are the flowers that Liz & Liberty left for Mom & Dad on their counter. I hadn't noticed before tonight how the hot pink flowers on the left of the picture are fuzzy and kind of look like a brain. COOL!

We keep joking that Dad is "homesick" for South Africa b/c he keeps looking at pictures & videos on his phone. He was trying to keep Olivia entertained while we made dinner by showing her some Primary kids in South Africa singing a Primary song. He's helping her "lead the music." It's so WONDERFUL to cook with Mom again in the kitchen. We make a great team. I also LOVE getting to sit around the dinner table together again!

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