Sunday, August 28, 2016

Humphrey The Hamster's Funeral

 When we got home last night, I heard Autumn in her room crying. I thought she was just tired and worn out from the past few days. But when I went in her room, she said that Humphrey, her hamster, was dead. He wasn't moving at all, even when we opened the door to his cage.

 So, this morning we got him out of his cage and wrapped him up in a paper towel. Then we went out in the backyard and had a little funeral for him. We buried him next to Dash, Autumn's beta fish that died in January. It prompted a good discussion about the purpose of life and why death has to be a part of it. Autumn asked why everything she loves has to die (Auntie Tara, Rufio, Duchess [the neighbor's cat], Dash, and now Humphrey).

 It was our ward mission conference today, so the focus of the talks and lessons were on missionary work. After church we came home, had lunch, and then our home teachers came over. After they left Autumn & I took some brownies around to a few people in our ward, and then we went over to Papa & Mimi's. Autumn's cheer uniform from last year is too small, but her coach said they weren't ordering new uniforms this year. So now that Mimi is home, she said she could alter it for Autumn by letting out some of the seams. Well, Autumn had a HUGE growth spurt from last year to this year and her uniform barely fits, even with the seams being let out. Mom's going to have to add a big triangle shaped piece of black fabric to Autumn's cheer top b/c it won't even fit around her middle section. I don't know what we would do without Mimi!!!

 Once Nate got off from work, we had dinner. Mom made crockpot spaghetti sauce, and it is soooooooo good! We've all missed her AMAZING cooking so much. I can't even explain how much sitting around the table together and sharing a meal warms my heart and makes my spirit so happy.

 After dinner we watched some pre-season football. Riannon was commenting about how great it is that Mimi is back in her "Sheldon Spot" and that the side table next to the couch has been "Mimi-fied." It's got her lotion, sewing supplies, her fan blowing right on her, and a bright lamp so she can see what she's doing.

Karri & Kenzie came over to say hi to Mom & Dad, and to bring me some clothes that don't fit Karri anymore since she's lost 60 lbs! Kenzie & Autumn had fun fixing Olivia's hair. Maggie & Bob also stopped by to say hi to Mom & Dad and drop off a few things. It was like a reunion/party!

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