Saturday, August 27, 2016

Nate & Riannon's BabyQ

 Autumn & I were up early this morning so she could get ready for cheer practice. I dropped her off and then went over to Mom & Dad's to help Nate & Riannon get ready for the "BabyQ" (baby shower/BBQ) they were hosting later today. Jackson was so funny and kept asking Papa why he didn't have any hair on top of his head. He's so cute.

 Andrew kept the little kids entertained by playing the piano for them. They sat in there and listened to him play for quite a while. Olivia insisted on wearing her Snow White dress & a tiara all morning. She's a girl after my own heart.

 Lexie crocheted this GORGEOUS blanket as her gift to the new baby. She's so talented.

 The BabyQ went from noon to 5, and A LOT of people showed up. Luckily, they came in groups so it wasn't too overwhelming. The groups that were there right at noon were our family and then Nate & Riannon's neighbors from their street.

 Then a few hours later a group of people from their jobs showed up. Then later on it was mostly church friends & family. They had an AWESOME spread of food ... chips, dip, pulled pork sliders, veggie tray, fruit, pasta salad, and a cookie tray.

 Mom brought this antique wagon outside for people to leave their gifts for the baby. Such a cute idea!

After all the company finally left at 5:00 ish, we crashed. I sat down on the couch and ended up taking a nap. In the evening we had leftovers for dinner, and then Papa made smoothies. He's like a magnet, and the grandkids are just drawn to him. Mom was saying how it feels like they never left, and I have to agree. It feels like they've been home for a long time instead of it just being a few days. All is right with the world now that they're home and things are back to normal.

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