Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mimi's New Car, Days For Girls, & Fighting Hamsters

 Mom & Dad ended up getting a new car today. Since they sold Mom's Cadillac before they left on their mission, Mom hasn't had a car since they've been home. They were just going to get a nice used car but ended up getting a killer deal on this new one. It rides super nice and is a great little SUV.
 For YW tonight we were combined and we cut out fabric bags for a "Days For Girls: Sustainable Feminine Hygiene" service project. We had some of the YW iron the fabric so it was nice and smooth.
 Then we had some of the other YW cut out the ironed fabric into the right size for the bags.
We only needed 20 but ended up with 32. Now other women in the ward will take the bags and sew them along w/ the feminine pads that go inside. It feels good to be part of something that will make such a big difference in the lives of girls in other parts of the world.
When Autumn & I got home, we noticed that her hamsters were fighting. At first we thought they were just playing/rough housing. But we looked closer and noticed that they were biting at each other! We hurried and split them up. We left one in the cage and put another one in a big Rubbermaid container for the night. I did some research online and we did the right thing ... it said that they will fight to the death once they start fighting. I was surprised they were fighting b/c they were in the same cage together at the pet store and got along great. I think it's b/c they're in a new environment and were trying to establish who was going to be the alpha hamster. So sad!!!

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Jen T said...

What a great project and a very nice car! Glad you rescued the hamsters! That is crazy!~