Friday, September 16, 2016

Meeting Baby Spencer & Thankful To Be Home

Our training today only took until noon. For lunch we had some really yummy sandwiches w/ chips and an apple. They did that in case people needed to just take their lunch w/ them. We stayed to eat, but then left shortly after that to get back to the office. I love the Texas countryside w/ the big open sky. We got back to the office around 3:30, and I worked for an hour to catch up on a few things and send the end of the week report.

 I was so excited to pick up my Autumn Girl at daycare and am beyond thankful that nothing bad happened to me on the trip like I was worried about. We went over to Papa & Mimi's for dinner, and I got to meet Baby Spencer for the first time. But, since I'm getting sick I had to wear a sheet over my face to keep him from getting sick. LOL!

 He's so sweet and little and cuddly. Olivia has already claimed him as her own, and she DOES NOT like to share! Lexie & her family were going to come up this weekend so that she and I could go to Time Out For Women. But, she had a depression episode and decided to stay home. I'm glad I was able to sell both of our tickets so we didn't lose out on that money.

 It all worked out for the best anyway, b/c there is SO MUCH going on this weekend. And, I already felt bad that Mom had so much on her plate w/ the aunts and uncles here visiting, Baby Spencer being born, Dad's birthday, watching Olivia while Nate & Riannon were in the hospital, watching Autumn while I was at training, etc. I'm glad I was able to be home and take Autumn to all the things she has going on. Her coach called for an extra practice on Friday b/c they have a game tomorrow and had learned a new cheer on Monday that they needed to work on.

Christy (one of my young women) texted to earlier in the day to see if Autumn & I had plans this evening. I told her we could go out for frozen yogurt after Autumn's cheer practice. It was so good to spend time w/ her at catch up w/ what's going on in her life. We went back to our house so Autumn could show Christy her robo hamsters. We finally took Christy home at 10:00 b/c I had to get Autumn to bed since she has a big day tomorrow.

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