Saturday, September 17, 2016

We Found A Real Live Mermaid In Papa & Mimi's Pool!!!

 I'm so glad that I didn't have to worry about going to TOFW today on top of all the stuff that Autumn had going on. We got up early this morning, b/c her team had signed up to have professional cheer pictures taken this morning. I also took a few of my own.

 The professional photographer didn't take a picture of our girls w/ their cheer cones, so we just had them go sit in the bleachers and took one of our own! Lookin' lovely, Lady Lions!

 Of course we had to get a silly one!

 After pictures we went over to Papa & Mimi's house to hang out until it was time for Autumn's cheer game. Mimi said she had a special surprise for Autumn, and when Autumn opened it she literally jumped for joy. She had wanted a mermaid tail for Christmas last year, but I told her we would have to wait until the beginning of summer to buy one b/c she grows so fast. But, then life happened and I forgot about it. She brought it up again last week and I told her swim season was almost over so we'd get her one for next year. Mimi SPOILS us ROTTEN!

Look! We found a real live mermaid in Papa & Mimi's pool!

 Papa was even lucky enough to catch the mermaid!

 After they swam for a while (I didn't swim b/c I'm still feeling sick), they came in the house to relax. Mom had Nick try on his new white shirt and tie that he'll be wearing for the wedding. Dad was happy to help Nick tie his tie since Nick doesn't know how.

 Nick looks so handsome & spiffy in his new wedding suit. The wedding colors are navy blue & gold (hence the blue suit & gold tie). Savi wants Nick to have a short beard at the wedding, so Nick's been growing it out. We took this picture and texted it to her to see what she thinks.

 I took Autumn over to her cheer game, and even though the sky is cloudy, it was SO HOT!!! The temperature said 96 degrees, but the heat index was at least 106!!! I was sweating like crazy even under my shady umbrella. Our girls did a great job cheering and were so loud. They also did an awesome job on their new half time routine. We were SO GLAD when the game was over so we could sit in the car w/ the A/C going full blast to cool down.

 When we got back to Papa & Mimi's, Autumn put on her mermaid tail and got right back into the pool to cool off. She didn't know I snuck this picture of her. What a BEAUTIFUL mermaid.

 Papa was such a great sport and went back into the pool w/ Autumn & Olivia. When Mom commented to him on what a FUN & AMAZING Papa he is he said, "pretty soon they're going to be too grown up and won't want me around so anytime they ask me to do things with them, I'm going to take advantage of spending time with them." He's THE BEST!!! This picture cracks me up b/c Papa was going to throw Autumn but she was holding onto his face for dear life. LOL!

Dad is such a HARD WORKER and after playing out in the pool w/ the grandkids he got on the lawnmower at 8:00 and mowed the lawn. This picture is blurry and grainy b/c it was already starting to get dark. What a great example he is to all of us!!!

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