Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Meetings & More Meetings

 Today for Activity Days the younger girls were combined w/ the older girls and they were working on booklets for General Conference. I dropped Autumn off and went to Sprouts to check it out and see what all the fuss is about. They had some great prices on strawberries and grapes (88 cents a pound). I also got a salad for my dinner b/c I was going to have 2 meetings back to back.

Autumn got to go home w/ her friend and stay there and play while I had my 2 meetings. First, I had a meeting w/ the 3 class presidents to plan out our Young Women In Excellence. They decided they want to have a "P" Party. The girls are going to wear pajamas, pig tails, and all the food is going to start w/ "p" (pies, pringles, popcorn, etc). We're also going to decorate with polka dots. It's definitely not what I would have picked, but I'm working on letting THEM plan things since it is THEIR program.

After that, I met w/ my YW Presidency at 7:00 for our usual monthly meeting. We didn't have an activity tonight, b/c we are encouraging the YW to attend the Days For Girls service activity on Saturday instead. It was a good meeting & I'm so thankful for the WONDERFUL women that I get to serve with. We finally wrapped up at 8:30, and I went to get my Autumn Girl.

When I was tucking her in tonight, I had to snap a picture of her laying on her Pocahontas pillow case. I found it in one of Mom & Dad's linen closets and they said I could take it for Autumn. I remind her on a regular basis that she is an American Indian and how lucky she is to have such an elite status (not to mention her FLAWLESS & brown skin).

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