Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy 31st Birthday, Nicky Snicky!!!

 Dad came & picked Nick up early this morning so they could take Nick's car to the mechanic to have it looked at. We were pleasantly surprised when Dad knocked on the door and said he had donuts to share for Nick's birthday today. They're from the best place in town. Autumn was especially thrilled, b/c Papa used to bring her a donut every Friday morning when he taught seminary.

Nick had to work today, so he had his birthday meal around 3:00. He requested shoyu chicken, rice, corn, cantaloupe, and for dessert he wanted pie. Mom is so AMAZING and made all that happen for him.

 We felt so bad for him with having to work on his birthday that we went to his work and surprised him in the break room w/ balloons, a sign, and we also sang to him. He was super surprised and turned bright red.

 Brotherly Love

 He said when the manager called him up to the front, he thought he was in trouble. LOL! We're so glad we got to celebrate him on his special day.

 Autumn & I went and picked him up at 9:00, b/c his car is still in the shop. When we got home, we gave him this cake that Mom had sent home w/ us to give to him. He was laughing b/c the "3" candle on his cake had fallen over. I hope he had a great birthday and that he felt how much we love him and how happy we are that he's a part of our family. He kept saying how cool it will be next year when he celebrates his birthday, b/c he'll be a married man!

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