Friday, October 14, 2016

Girl's Party & Single Adult Conference

 Mom & Dad were awesome and picked Autumn up from daycare for me so I could attend the Regional Single Adult Conference. The 3 girls that came over to our house last week wanted to get together again, so they met at the L's house tonight. I'm so glad Shannon took these pics and sent them to me. The girls got to make tinfoil dinners and then cook them out in the fire pit. As you can see, they also roasted hot dogs.

 After dinner they went back inside and played games.

 To top off the night they got to decorate sugar cookies. I'm so thankful Autumn has such good & uplifting friends. I hope & pray that continues into junior high and high school!

 After work I had an hour to kill before the conference started, so I went to Burlington to shop. I tried on A LOT of clothes but didn't find anything worth buying. I drove over to the church where the conference was being held and had some salad & delicious deep dish pizza for dinner. After dinner, they had a service project set up at the back of the gym.

 We were able to do a "Hunger Project" for the organization "Feeding Children Everywhere." Basically they supplied all the components to put together meals, and we got to help put them together. I was at a table where I scooped 1/4 c of dried veggies into a bag & other people put in the salt, rice, and lentils. Then other people sealed the filled bags and other people put the sealed bags into boxes. It was a great service opportunity.

After the service project they had games set up along w/ karaoke. I got a group of girls together and we went up and did R-E-S-P-E-C-T. I really wanted to do Dancing Queen, but they didn't have it! I only stayed for about 30 minutes of that and then came home. It was funny, b/c even the old people at the conference were saying what an older crowd it was. Myself and about 10 other people were BY FAR the youngest ones there. So much for getting to find my future husband at this event. LOL!

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