Sunday, October 23, 2016

Party At Uncle Robert & Aunt Sandy's

 We got up early this morning and went to Mom & Dad's ward. Dad was able to get Autumn to actually sing along with the hymns, which she never does when I try to get her to. It was a fun surprise that Mary was speaking today. She did such a great job talking about choices and the plan of salvation.

 We came home, changed clothes, and then headed out to Uncle Robert & Aunt Sandy's house. Sandy's brother Rich and his family are in town visiting. There were A LOT of people there, and the kids had a blast playing out on the fort.

 We were laughing about how the 3 men had on dark tops, jeans, and comfy shoes. They got busy cooking up the food for a shrimp boil.

 Someone commented how Nick & Zack look more like brothers than cousins w/ their matching facial features & facial hair.

 Aunt Sandy added some green beans to her shrimp boil pot, and they were super good!

 Everyone was hungry and ready to CHOW DOWN!

 Aunt Cassie is such a SWEETHEART and she had little treat bags for ALL the little kids. She's so kind & thoughtful. Riannon & I left w/ Olivia & Spencer at 2:30 b/c I had to be back for visiting teaching at 5:00. Our appointments were originally set for 4:00, but we didn't eat until late. So, my partner was an angel and moved our appointments back an hour.

 This was the GORGEOUS sunset tonight.

We visited Sis. C at 5:00, and then we went to visit Christy at 6:30. I was supposed to go to a Priest/Laurel fireside at the Stake Center, but we didn't leave Christy's house until 8:15 pm! The missionaries were coming over and they couldn't be there alone w/ her so we stayed. The missionaries in our area are doing a social media campaign about the Book of Mormon. So we all wrote down what the Book of Mormon gives us more of with the hashtag #ireceivemore. I wrote down more joy, LOVE, and answers.

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