Thursday, November 10, 2016

Autumn's Eye Exam

 I picked Autumn up 30 minutes early from daycare today so we could go to her eye appointment. Before I left for El Salvador she said that it's hard to read the board in class, and that things far away look blurry. So, when I got back I booked an appointment to have her eyes checked. This is one of the super cute outfits we bought at WalMart last night.

 She did great on the first eye test, but then freaked out a little bit on the 2nd one, b/c the machine blew a puff of air into her eyes.
 I opted for her to have her eyes dilated, b/c that makes for a more accurate prescription. She did NOT like it when they had to put drops in her eyes. The optometrist had to have her assistant come hold Autumn's head back so they could both sets of drops into both eyes. Once that was over, she was excited that she got to wear these roll up sunglasses.

 Autumn is as tall as the optometrist, but we already love her even after just meeting her this one time. She really took her time and made sure Autumn is getting what she needs. It was a GREAT experience. 

 We took the prescription to WalMart to find some frames & have her glasses made. This was the first pair she tried on, and after trying on several more pairs, she decided these were the ones she wanted. You can't tell from the pic, but the frames are multi-colored and change colors depending on what angle you look at them from. Autumn thought we got to take them home w/ us and was SO DISAPPOINTED to find out it would take 3 - 5 business days for them to make her glasses.

We went over to Papa & Mimi's for dinner, and Autumn was so excited to tell them all about her eye appointment. Before we left, I told Autumn that she needed to bring her bowl from her ice cream over and put it in the dishwasher. You would have thought I told her she had to hand wash every dish in the house by the NASTY attitude she gave me. She rolled her eyes, threw the bowl into the dishwasher, and gave me nasty looks. She got a MAJOR lecture the WHOLE ride home about what an ungrateful little stink she was being. I was SO MAD!!!

When we got home, I went straight to my room to cool down. She ended up doing the dishes that were in our sink, she made her lunch for tomorrow, and got ready for bed. I went and tucked her in and we had a good discussion about why I got so angry and how she was feeling.

When I went to get a drink out of the fridge, I found these notes taped to my breakfast shakes. The one on the right is one we had written back and forth to each other since May. This is what the one on the left says:

Sorry for being a brat, and I try to do my best all the time. But for some reason I can't. I should have helped you, but I am selfish sometimes. I'm not trying to make you the servant all the time. You fill me up with joy all the time. Love you so much!

She really is such a great kid, and I shouldn't lose my temper so easily. I'm trying to help her learn how to be a good helper, a team player, a hard worker, and to be grateful. Of course I'm saving the note to put it in my Project Life album. I sure love my Autumn Girl!!!

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