Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump Wins, Work Training, & Minute To Win It Games

 I woke up this morning & immediately turned on the news. I was surprised to see that Trump actually won the election. I think that most people are tired of the career politicians and want some change. It will be interesting to see how the next 4 years will unfold. I know a lot of people are really upset, and a lot of people are happy. This is what I'm focusing on:

Your success as a family,
Our success as a society,
Depends not on what happens
In the White House, but on what
Happens in YOUR HOUSE.
~Barbara P. Bush

 At work today, I got to train the 2 leadsetters from our satellite locations on the new database that we'll be switching to soon. It was nice to have lunch brought in. I think the training went well, and we'll just have to get in and use the new database to really understand it and get used to it. It's like switching from a flip phone to an iPhone ... at first it's frustrating & overwhelming, but then after you get the hang of it you love it!

The sky tonight was so pretty, even though I'm still bitter that it gets dark so early. 

Autumn & I went to WalMart to get her some new undergarments, a church dress, some new pants, and a few new tops. I'm thankful we were able to find things that she likes and that are a good value.

Tonight for mutual, the Priests (16 - 17 year old boys) were in charge. It ended up being the young men leaders that ran everything, but it turned out great. In years past, we have had our "Fall Fest" where each class is in charge of coming up w/ a food related relay race. This year they did it differently and had 6 different "Minute To Win It" type games. They had everyone line up, and then split them into 6 groups.

 I was in charge of a game where there were 15 plastic cups lined up on the table. Each person had to blow up a balloon & then use only the air inside the balloon to knock down all 15 cups in 60 seconds. The record is one of the Priests who did it in 16 seconds! The trick was to have the air hit the top rim of the cup.

 Each station took about 10 minutes, and then they'd rotate. We kept track of who won on sheets that they took to their next station. At the end of the night, the top 2 teams won a bag of Hershey chocolate nuggets. The youth seemed to really enjoy it and have a great time.

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