Friday, November 11, 2016

Happy Veterans Day & Poly Football

 This morning was the Veterans Day Assembly at Autumn's school. In years past, Papa & Nate & Riannon have attended. I have never gone, b/c I have to get to work. But this year I texted my boss and told him I was staying for it. They had the lobby decorated so nicely.

 Papa got Mimi to come with him this year. He wasn't able to wear his uniform b/c the suspenders bother his hurt shoulder.

 Nate came too, and Riannon stayed home w/ the kids. It was a WONDERFUL assembly and I had tears streaming down my cheeks several times. I just get so emotional whenever there is anything patriotic.

We didn't stay for the breakfast reception they had. In years past, Papa & Nate would go to Autumn's classroom and talk to the kids. This year they didn't even say anything about it, so everyone went their separate ways after the assembly. When I picked Autumn up after daycare she asked why we never came to her classroom. She said she kept waiting and waiting but we never came. SO SAD! I let her know they didn't tell us that we could, or else we for sure would have been there.

 Mom & Dad had football tickets to the high school's playoff game tonight. Nick & Savi watched Autumn for me so I could go. We picked up Curt and then went to Wendy's to get salads. We went over to the stadium to "tailgate" and eat our salads. LOL.

We were playing a high school that has a TON of Polynesian students. So, when Nate came by to say hi at the beginning of the game I left and went w/ him over to the visitors side to scope it out. I was sad that there weren't nearly as many Polys as I had thought there would be. It was really fun to hang out w/ Nate and spend time together watching the game while he worked. I went back over to sit w/ Mom & Dad & Curt a little bit after half time. We won the game, but it was really close. What a fun way to spend a Friday night!

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