Saturday, November 19, 2016

Nick & Savi's Open House

I got up early this morning & went to the temple. It has been closed for almost 2 months for cleaning & some renovations. They redid the dressing rooms (so much nice now) & new carpet & chairs in the endowment rooms. It was SO NICE to be back in the temple. I stayed in the celestial room for over 30 minutes to just soak in the feeling there.

 I stopped at Costco on the way home to pick up 3 cakes & a few pizzas. I picked Autumn up from her camp out, we came home and changed, and then went over to the church to help set up the for Nick & Savi's wedding open house tonight.

 The newlyweds enjoying some pizza during our lunch break.

 Everyone was so awesome to pitch in and get it set up. It looks amazing, and Aunt Sandy is so talented at this sort of thing.

 We're so glad we were able to get into the church early & set up, b/c that gave us time to come home and rest before the open house. The kids talked Papa into going outside w/ them to "help" them climb trees. Basically they would pick a tree, he would set up the ladder, they would climb up the ladder into the tree, and then he would remove the ladder and take a picture of them being "so high up" in the tree. LOL! He's such a good Papa!

We took naps and also watched the BYU game. Autumn & I came home around 4:00 to get showered and ready for the open house. We all met back over at the church at 5:00 to get the food prepped for the start of the open house at 6:30.

 This is Savi's cousin and family that she lived w/ when her & Nick met and started dating. We're so happy they were able to come 7 celebrate w/ her.

 Her dress is SO PRETTY & also so HEAVY! Mom had to help her get into it, b/c it weighs about 30 pounds.

 The Happy Couple

 Savi looked stunning!

 The cake table. We just got 3 Costco cakes & cut them up so they were ready to be eaten right away. That's the only reason anyone comes to an open house anyways, right? LOL!

 Olivia was OBSESSED w/ Savi and stuck to her side the whole entire night.

 I'm so thankful for these 2 angels. I definitely hit the jack pot when it comes to parents.

 We had some AWESOME friends come & help keep the food prep going in the kitchen. They manned the food tables and made sure the food was replenished if it got low. They also did a lot of clean up.

 Savi put together a slideshow of pictures we took in El Salvador that we had playing during the open house for people to watch if they wanted to.

 One of the best features of the night was the kid's table. We covered it in butcher paper and put out crayons so the kids could color on it. We also had candy on the table that was just for them. They LOVED having their own space to hang out and have fun.

 Some of the cute decorations and arranging that Aunt Sandy did. She is so stinkin' talented.

 All of the floral arrangements that she put together were also gorgeous. Several people thought they were fake b/c they looked so good.

 Cute cousins. These 2 were such a big help tonight, especially Andrew. On his own, he decided to walk around and ask people if he could help them or get them anything.

 We had a lot of people show up, which was great.

 Nate & Riannon

We started cleaning up at 8:30 & finally got out of there at 10:30. It's SO.MUCH.WORK!!! We were so happy when it was over and everything was out of the cars and in the house. Now we'll just have to sort through the stuff and make sure we return everything to the right people. What a day!

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