Sunday, November 20, 2016

Stressful Sunday

 This morning was a doozy! Luckily I didn't have ward council, so I was able to do a run through of my talk & my lesson before heading to church. Mom, Dad, Nick, Savi, Andrew, & Jackson even came to listen to my talk & my lesson! That was so nice of them and meant a lot to me. For my talk, I was able to pick whatever topic I wanted, so I talked about the lessons we can learn from Joseph in Egypt.

Then during the 2nd hour I taught Gospel Doctrine b/c the teacher was out of town. I'm glad she gave me 2 week's notice, b/c there was A LOT to study & then I did a power point presentation b/c that was the easiest way to share that much info. I think it went well, and I'm thankful for all the class participation and comments that people made.

 After church we went over to Mom & Dad's house to have left overs from the open house for lunch. I was sitting on the couch watching football when I suddenly remembered that our home teachers were coming over in 15 minutes. We bribed Jackson into going w/ us by telling him he could see the hamsters and eat some ice cream. He was fascinated by them and just sat and watched them for quite a while.

 They really are cute little buggers!

 After our home teachers left, we went back to Mom & Dad's house. We watched football and the boys took turns playing the iPad.

 Jeff & Judy came over to drop off Emma while they go on vacation. We're so happy that we get to dog sit Emma. I can't believe she's still alive. Her poor tongue hangs out of her mouth all the time b/c she has no teeth to keep it in. She also has arthritis bad in her legs and hobbles around. But she's so stinkin' cute!

 I laid down on the ground to love on Emma and all of a sudden, I was being smooshed like a June bug by these 2 yahoos. LOL!

I LOVE small moments like this ... sitting as a family around the kitchen table enjoying good food. We're so incredibly blessed. I'm thankful that this stressful weekend is over and that things like this help to ground me and remind me of what's truly important!

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