Thursday, November 17, 2016

Stackin' Cups & A Scriptural Tender Mercy

Autumn really wanted to buy these special stacking cups from school. I guess they've been using them in PE. But, they were $20 so I told her if she wanted them, she'd have to buy them herself. So, we talked about the pros and cons and if that's something she would get good use out of. She decided it would be, so she bought them yesterday w/ her own money. When we got home tonight, she sat and played w/ them for a long time. She even made up a little routine. So cute!

Once I got her to bed, I went to read my scriptures. I've been reading in the Book of Mormon, but I felt like I needed to read in D&C. I randomly flipped to D&C 78, and once I read verse 18, I knew why I had been prompted to read D&C. It says, "And ye cannot bear all things now; nevertheless, be of good cheer for I will lead you along." Those words were EXACTLY what I needed to read tonight. I have been feeling stressed to the max lately and those words brought me such calm & peace. Here is why I'm super stressed:
  • 11/19 ~ Nick & Savi's wedding reception (set up, take photos during, clean up)
  • 11/20 ~ Give a talk in sacrament meeting & then teach Gospel Doctrine
  • 11/23 ~ Help Mom w/ our food assignments for Thanksgiving
  • 11/30 ~ Shopping for & arranging JOY baskets w/ the Young Women
  • 12/03 ~ Helping Mom & Dad take down and put away over 100 of Mom's nativities for the annual creche our Stake puts on each year
  • 12/07 Hosting the YW Christmas party (I need to put away ALL the photos that are still COVERING my 2 tables that I'm trying to find the time to organize and scan, plus clean my house)
  • 12/10 ~ Being in charge of the Ward Christmas Party. I've delegated a lot of it, but I still have to follow up w/ people and I'm in charge of all the food.
  • 12/14 ~ Laurels (which will end up meaning me) are in charge of the big combined YM/YW Christmas service activity
It's a lot of BIG events in a short amount of time. I know it will all work out fine, and that many hands make light work. But I was just feeling overwhelmed w/ all that needs to be accomplished. That's why that verse was PERFECT for me. I'm so thankful for the TENDER MERCIES of my Heavenly Father!

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