Monday, November 14, 2016

"You Come To My House Again?"

 It's funny that Autumn's older sister, Jewelsy is having to get glasses too! Her Dad texted me this picture, and they look so much alike!!!

 Autumn took her American Indian diorama to school today and wanted to look "fancy" for her class presentation. So, she wore the skirt that Mom fixed for her last week. She said it went well, but that her teacher said her diorama needed "more depth???" For dinner we had another coupon for buy one burger meal, get one free so we had that again.

 Mom called to say that she & Dad were over at Nate & Riannon's and that we should stop by and say hi. Nate & Riannon wanted to go out on a fancy date, so Mom & Dad were babysitting. Autumn is such a nurturer and kept Olivia entertained the whole time. She did her hair so cute, so I had to get a picture. Olivia looks sad b/c Mowgli the dog ran her over right before this.

Olivia is in such a fun stage right now. Whenever we come over there, or she comes over to Papa & Mimi's house she always says, "You come to my house again?" She also talked all night about how we're all going to go to the temple and get married. She kept saying, "I marry ALL of you in the temple." So cute!

I haven't seen Baby Spencer since before we left for El Salvador! He has gotten so fat & chunky, which is just how we like our babies. It was fun to smooch on him and kiss his chubby cheeks. What a love bug! We found a new show on Nat Geo WILD called Safari Brothers. We spent most of the evening watching that and reliving our own awesome safari adventures.

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Jen T said...

Love the glasses! What fun kids and baby! Glad you had a great trip and got home safely!!