Sunday, February 26, 2017

2 New Callings

 There are a few perks to have church later on in the day. We were able to get up this morning, eat breakfast, lounge around, and Autumn was able to do some art. She drew this just from looking at a picture on my laptop! 

She's got some serious talent, and I'm so proud of my little bug! I love watching her work and seeing her process of how she does things.

 While she did art, I worked on putting together these handouts for my lesson in Relief Society today. I was sustained today as the new Relief Society Secretary in my ward. So, I'll have 2 callings. But that's super easy compared to being YW president. Plus, I LOVE to be organized and I LOVE to teach so it's perfect.

After sacrament meeting (which was WONDERFUL by the way), I met w/ Bishop. I had some questions about logistical stuff. One of the other members of the Bishopric was there in the hallway, so I grabbed him so they could set me apart & I didn't have to wait in the crowds after church. It was a very special setting apart and brought me great peace and joy.

I got to teach about this talk entitled, "A Banquet of Consequences - The Cumulative Result of All Choices" by Elder Quentin L Cook. I started off showing a clip of  "Casino Food Recycler" w/ Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. It was from about 17:00 minutes into the video until 21:00 minutes in. Then we talked about how Satan makes choices look as amazing & appetizing as a buffet in Las Vegas. But then come the consequences the next day, which look like the pig slop in the video.

Then we talked about Choices, Consequences, & Celestial Currency. We discussed what "Celestial Currency" can mean, and there were some great ideas. I think of "Celestial Currency" as the "nuggets" (hence the above handout) that we gain from all the choices & consequences we have. We talked about Esther and what choices she had to make, what the consequences were, and what "celestial currency" she gained from all of that.

We ran out of time before I was able to have the women in the room share some of their own personal experiences. I forgot that I'm in Relief Society now where there are lots of great comments & discussions. It's not like in YW where they're all staring at their phones and it's like pulling teeth just to get them to share a thought or comment. I'll have to allot more time for comments in my next lesson. The Spirit was definitely present in the room and hopefully the women have some more things to think about as they go throughout their week.

 We hurried home, b/c I had invited everyone to come over and eat since we had so many leftovers from when Frank's family was here yesterday.

 Everyone kind of came in shifts. Savi's brother Jorge is here visiting for a few days and was out visiting friends. So, they stopped both came by and ate with us. I had to leave to go visiting teaching at 6:00, and while I was gone Nate & Riannon & the kids came over too.

 Spencer looked so funny in Autumn's Indian doll wig! LOL! As soon as I got home from visiting teaching, Frank called and needed to talk about something important so I went and laid on the bed in Autumn's room. Everyone just let themselves out since I was wrapped up in the conversation.

After a few hours, it started to rain and I LOVE rain/thunderstorms. It got REALLY LOUD, so I went outside to watch and it was actually a small hail storm! Of course my car was out on the street instead of in the garage, b/c Nate & Riannon had parked their new SUV in the driveway when I got home. But, I think the hail was small enough that there won't be any hail damage to my car. WHEW! What a day!!!

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