Saturday, February 25, 2017

Frank & Family Reunion

 Jessica & Mikelle came over this morning at 7:30 b/c their Mom had to be at youth conference ALL DAY & their Dad & brother had to be in Ft. Worth for a school thing. I was SO HAPPY that we could watch them today since Autumn has been over at their house so much while I was YW President & had meetings. We just hung out, watched a Disney movie, I got the house cleaned up, and then we left to go to WalMart to get some groceries at 10:30. We were rushing through the store and being super silly.

 Next stop was to Costco to get a few pizzas, a veggie tray, and a Costco cake. The girls were super good the whole time, so I got them each a berry smoothie.

 We had A BLAST jamming out in the car and being wild & crazy.

 At 11:30-ish Frank & his family (except for his daughter who had to work) came to visit. Everyone was hungry, so we dug right in and had lunch. Look at these 4 handsome boys hanging out in my living room!

 It was sooooooo great to meet Frank's parents. His Mom is super talkative, fun, outgoing, and sweet. His Dad is more reserved, quiet, observant, and a deep thinker. They're ADORABLE together!

 His Mom is a big time crafter and made these super soft hats for Autumn & me. The kids spent most of the time upstairs playing in the game room. At one point they all put on their shoes and walked down to the neighborhood playground. It was WONDERFUL to sit & visit w/ Frank & his parents. He even brought his baby book so his Mom was able to sit next to me and tell me all sorts of stories about him. I was in 7th heaven.

 Christy came by around 3:30, b/c she was going to meet someone from the ward here so they could practice a jazz piece for the ward talent show that's coming up. But Bro. S got stuck and work and couldn't make it. Grant had brought his electric guitar, so they had fun jamming out together and playing music.

 Frank & I just kept looking at each other w/ the biggest & happiest smiles. We both kept saying how amazing it was to have the house full of people. It brings me so much JOY to know that people feel comfortable and LOVED in my home.

 We started cooking dinner (corn bread & taco/bean soup) at 4:00 & the missionaries came over at 5:00. I was so happy to sign up to feed them, b/c I knew I would have a priesthood holder in my home so they could come over instead of us having to meet at a restaurant somewhere. I wish I could describe what this picture means to me & all the spiritual & deep feelings I have about it.

 I'm thankful I have 2 kitchen tables so that we had enough room for everyone to sit and eat. The kids were having A BLAST at the "kids' table." There were tearful goodbyes when they had to leave by 6:00 to get home at a decent hour.

It was so wonderful & comfortable & felt like this is the way it's always been & the way it always should be. It's crazy that Frank & I started talking just one month ago today, but it's also so natural & normal & INCREDIBLE!!! Instead of it feeling like all of us were meeting each other for the first time, it felt like we were just having a family reunion!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Christy, a friend of hers, Autumn, & I all went to a percussion performance at the local high school. It was really well done & even though I was tired, I'm glad we went. Autumn kept saying that the blonde kid that's turned around in this pic looks like Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter. LOL!

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Jen T said...

So glad you had a fun time with Frank's whole family! That a fun thing! Autumn is right, that does look like Draco :)