Monday, February 27, 2017

Exercise, Gospel Standards, and Friends

 Autumn & I take lots of selfies now, b/c Frank & Spencer send us selfies. So we naturally have to send some back. I LOVE that Frank is so good about taking pictures ... he knows that's one of my love languages.

 After school we came home for a little bit to grab a few things, and Autumn got some homework done.

 Then we went over to Mom & Dad's house for dinner & FHE. They weren't even home when we got there, b/c they had gone to take dinner to a widow in their ward that needed a meal. I am so thankful to have such amazing examples in my life!

 After we ate, Autumn & I went upstairs to get in some exercise. We took turns doing the elliptical machine & the bike machine. Dad has a TV/DVD combo up there, so we put in First Knight (the one w/ Heath Ledger) and watched that while we worked up a sweat.

When Mom & Dad got home we came downstairs and had FHE. We talked about a few different Gospel subjects. I shared something that a friend had posted on Facebook that I thought was really great. She posted this "My Gospel Standards" poster and said: 

"This little poster was given to my kids when they were baptized! I haven't read it in 7+ years. Stumbled across it this weekend and it won't leave my mind. The Gospel Standards are really so simple that 8 year olds can live it!! Why does it get hard? At what point are these standards too difficult? Never!! We just think we know more than God! Or maybe Satan finds our weakness, tempting us with one small thing at a time until the Spirit withdraws and we say, "I don't need this! I want to do what I want!" (Been there, done that! Doesn't work!)

I know my Heavenly Father has a plan for me. And when I live my life submitting my will for His, I will not fail!! And when I mess up, because I will, I can repent and try harder. But it's so much easier to just live the gospel standards!! They will keep you safe and free! I promise!!"

After FHE, Autumn & I went over to Karri's house to play cards. We haven't gotten together in such a long time!!! It was SO WONDERFUL to play and talk and laugh and catch up w/ each other. We finally called it a night at 9:30 so I could get Autumn home to bed. I'm so thankful for such great friendships!

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