Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Activity Days, Winco, YW Combined

 Autumn had fun at Activity Days today, b/c Liz is now one of her new leaders. They talked about what they want to accomplish w/ Activity Days & what type of activities they want to have. What a fun group of kids!
 It's so fun to chauffer these crazy girls around. The weather was so nice that we rolled down the windows and jammed out to some music on the radio while we danced. SO FUN!
 Autumn & I went to Winco to get some things for this weekend and to grab some dinner for tonight. We LOVE their bulk section! We hurried home, put the groceries away, and then headed off to Young Women's.
We were combined YW tonight and we worked on making a poster w/ the 2017 youth theme on it so we can recite it all together before opening exercises on Wednesday nights. We also got to each make a personal/small one to take home. I spent the time going around and talking w/ the girls and showing them pictures of Frank. They were all super giddy with me and said that he's super cute and that they're excited for me. This is going to be my last YW activity, b/c I'm going to be released on Sunday. The girls didn't know that, but I was soaking up time w/ them. It will be so weird to not have to go to YW next Wednesday night.

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