Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy 3rd Birthday, Olivia!

 The L family left these ADORABLE groundhog cupcakes on our doorstep. It was such a fun surprise to come home to these treats!
 We went to Mom & Dad's for dinner tonight, b/c it's Olivia's 3rd birthday. She wanted pizza & chocolate milk for her birthday dinner. LOL! Mimi was loving how easy that was to do.
 Riannon had Olivia help her bake & decorate her own birthday cake. She picked pink frosting w/ LOTS & LOTS of candles. As you can see, it looks like the cake is actually on fire. LOL! It was cute.
 Autumn & I gave her this cute castle w/ plastic figurines. She's so stinkin' cute!
 Mom & Sis. Wright made this ADORABLE bib for "Fencer" since Olivia couldn't say "Spencer" when he was born. They are so stinkin' talented!!!
 Liz came over tonight when we got home to help me pick out an outfit for tomorrow. As you can see, she was a lot of help w/ makeup & hair tips. LOL!!! We were laughing so hard!
 She said she's always wanted to straighten my hair and asked if she could. I was more than happy to let her brush it and straighten it. It felt so good. She did 1/2 and said we had to get a picture. I think the straight side looks really good.
 I think straight hair makes me look a lot thinner. You can really see my jawline.

 I'm not going to wear it like this tomorrow, but it's really fun to try it just b/c it's something different than the usual.
 I am so thankful for Liz & her friendship. She's so much fun & I just love her to pieces.
I'm so excited for tomorrow that I hope I can actually get some sleep tonight!!!

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