Wednesday, February 8, 2017

First Wed With No Young Women's

 After taking Autumn to early morning tutoring this morning, I came home to get ready for work. I had to snap a pic of the formal dining room table, b/c it's still set just like it was on Sunday. I love that we still have our place cards on the table.
 I was naughty for lunch today and I ate off of my diet plan. I've been seeing the commercials for this new chicken chalupa at Taco Bell where the chicken is the shell. It was actually really good and I liked the spicy green sauce.
 We went over to Mom & Dad's for dinner tonight. Papa had Autumn go help him get the leaves out of the pool. I just love seeing them together and the special bond they share.
 I am trying to soak up all the moments like this that I can with Mom before they leave on their next mission. I LOVE cooking w/ her in the kitchen b/c we're such a great team. I know what she needs before she asks and I'm going to miss this so much!!!
It was soooooooooooo nice yet weird at the same time to not have to go to Young Women's tonight. I didn't even know what the activity was. I had a pretty deep & intense conversation tonight w/ Dad, so it was nice to not have to rush off to get to YW in time. I was so surprised to get home tonight and see that the Laurels had heart attacked my door. It made me so happy and made me feel so loved.

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