Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Parental Pop-In

Jon texted this picture to all of us of Adam's school pictures. LOL! We were CRACKING UP! What a facial expression.

Mom & Dad were going up to stay at a friend's lakehouse for a few days just to get away from all of yahoos. They decided that since they were halfway to Oklahoma, they would just keep on driving and go visit where Frank lives!!! Mom sent me a few pics of the GORGEOUS peacocks that his Mom raises.

It was a little stressful for both Frank & I at first, b/c we had no idea that Mom & Dad were going to do that. But, it ended up being a great visit for both sets of parents when it was all said & done. Mom said this was probably the only chance they'll have to meet his parents before they leave on their mission.

Autumn & I came home, did dishes, made dinner, baked some brownies, and then went to pick up some things for my new calling from the lady that just got released. Then I had a meeting at my house at 8:30 for my new calling. I'm really excited about it and know it's going to be great.

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