Sunday, March 19, 2017


 I got up at 7:30 this morning and started making pancakes for breakfast. I was so shocked when Frank walked in the garage door at 8:30 am! I thought he was coming around 9:30. It was so great to get to spend some time w/ him before I had to leave for a 9:00 Scout Board of Review. I LOVE getting to do those, b/c Sis. A who runs them makes them such a spiritual experience. She said that they're like the "truffle" of the Gospel. Not many people know about them, and they're so delicious and sweet.

 By the time I got home, Sis. M and her kids and packed up and left. Autumn & Frank were sorting, cleaning, and coloring some of the seashells she found in Galveston. Frank & I were sitting on the couch talking when we heard glass shatter! We looked over, and Autumn had been organizing the glasses in the cabinet and one fell and hit the counter. Luckily she was up on the counter and not on the floor. So, we hurried and grabbed our shoes and got it swept and then vacuumed. I'm glad no one got hurt!

We had lunch and then got ready for church. Mom & Dad came to our ward today, b/c Dad had missed taking the sacrament in there ward b/c he was on the phone w/ the current medical adviser in South Africa. It was fun to have them sit w/ us during church. After sacrament meeting, Dad & Frank walked out to the pavilion in the back area of the church to have "THE TALK." Mom & I were freaking out, b/c they were out there for an hour!

I handed out the binders in Relief Society and then ran to use the restroom before we started. When I got done, I noticed they weren't out at the pavilion anymore, so I had one of the young men go get Frank in Priesthood for me before they got started. We sat on the couch in the lobby and I asked Frank how it went. He told me all about it for the next hour. We sat there together while holding hands, and the tears were freely flowing! The Spirit was so strong & it was so special & sacred.

 We came home to change clothes & grab a few things. We were walking out the front door to get in the car, so I turned around to lock the front door. When I turned to go get in the car, he was down on one knee and was holding a ring! He asked me if I would make him the happiest man on Earth by marrying him. I said, "YES! OF COURSE!" Then he put the ring on, stood up, and we just hugged and cried for the longest time! It was so emotional, and again ... the Spirit was so strong!

 WE'RE ENGAGED!!! I'm so happy that he did it right in front of our home. Now every time I pull into the driveway, I'll look at that spot and remember that that is where he proposed. We don't have a wedding date yet, b/c we have to wait on Frank to get a clearance letter (we don't know how long that will take) so we can be sealed for time AND ALL ETERNITY! We don't just want to be together "until death do us part." As soon as we get that clearance letter (I'm guessing a few months), we'll get sealed in the temple.

 I happened to have his ring in my purse, so I went ahead & gave it to him after telling him some sweet & tender things that I felt in my heart. He works at a job that has a lot of high traffic, so this way the women he encounters will know that he's already taken!

 I had no idea what the ring would look like, b/c all he asked for was my ring size. I absolutely LOVE it!!! It's gorgeous & perfect!

 We went over to Mom & Dad's house for dinner and didn't tell anyone right away. Autumn couldn't stand the suspense and went and told Mimi so she came running over and started jumping up and down with joy and she wanted to see the ring. After that, it was hugs and happiness all around! The whole family is ESCTATIC that we're engaged. Welcome to the family, Frank!

After dinner, we took Mom & Dad's car for a spin to see if we want to drive it while they're gone on their mission. Frank told me that before he proposed to me, he had asked Autumn if he had her permission to ask me. She told him absolutely and that it was about time he asked me! LOL!

We stayed & talked to Mom & Dad for a little bit, and then had to head home so Frank could get on the road back to OK. He left at 7:30 and I was going to talk him the whole way home since he had been up since 5:00 am. But, Autumn had a MAJOR MELTDOWN b/c she had procrastinated doing the homework her teacher had given her to do while we were in Galveston. She hasn't had a meltdown that bad in a long time. 

I sent her to her room and once she had calmed down a little bit, we had a good long talk. I thought she was acting out b/c of my engagement to Frank but she said it's b/c she feels dumb and is worried she will get held back in 4th grade. It broke my heart to hear her talk like that. I reminded her of all the AMAZING qualities she has and that grades are just one small measurement of what she knows. I talked about how if they gave a tree climbing test to a monkey & a fish that the fish would think it was dumb. But if they gave a swimming test, the fish would win hands down. That seemed to sink in & make a lot of sense to her. I'm thankful that she was able to sleep peacefully after that.

It's crazy to think that Frank & I have known each other for less than 2 months, and we're already engaged. But we are both older, we both know what we want, and the hand of the Lord has been in our meeting, getting to know each other, and dating. There have been so many "divine signs" that we both just KNOW this is right. Also, we've logged so many hours on the phone in conversation that we  know so much about each other. I can't even begin to express my gratitude to my Heavenly Father (and other angels like Tara, his friend Matt, Rufio, Grandma Johnson, etc) that have led us to each other. "My cup runneth over."

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Jen T said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I am sooooo happy for you!!! What a lucky guy Frank is! So awesome!!! Looking forward to hearing about all the wedding prep! So happy for you!!!!