Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sis. M & Crew

 I got up this morning, got ready, and took Autumn over to Mom & Dad's house so they could watch her while I went to the temple. I haven't done an endowment session since before I met Frank, so it was awesome to hear the words & promises w/ a new perspective and having him in mind. It was so nice to sit in the celestial room & cry tears of gratitude instead of tears of sorrow & heartache. It's amazing that my longing prayers of 9 years have finally been answered.

 I got back to Mom & Dad's house, and they had prepared a full on FEAST! We had turkey breast, potatoes & gravy, and stuffing. YUM! Curt came over b/c Dad needed to use his trailer, so he sat down & ate w/ us. He hasn't done that in a long time since they moved from being our back door neighbors. It was so great to talk to him & catch up w/ him and what's going on w/ them.

 Autumn & I hung out there most of the day just to spend time w/ Mom & Dad since our time together is getting short. Then at 4:30 Autumn & I went and picked up some Little Casears pizzas and headed home. Sis. M & I both got to serve missions in Slovenija. We never got to be companions, but she did live w/ me & my companion for 3 weeks before going home. Anyways, she and her 5 kids were driving through town on their way to San Antonio. She asked if they could stop by and say hi. I told them to plan on staying for dinner (hence the pizzas). We ate, and then the kids were restless from being in the car so we went to the park to let them burn off some energy.

 She is SO.MUCH.FUN and we had a blast catching up w/ each other, talking about the mission, and watching our kids play together.

 They were going to try and find a hotel room between Dallas & San Antonio, but nothing was available for that many kids. So, I told them to just stay w/ us! We took the kids to Winco so they could pick out some treats for our super fun & spontaneous sleepover.

 You can't tell from this picture, but our coffee table was COVERED in a bunch of bags of different candy that the kids had picked out. We ended up watching The Sandlot while the kids snacked on their treats.

Sweet Berrett fell asleep in my arms, which was heaven. He's the most relaxed & easy going baby! I finally called it a night when Frank called after he got off of work. I went into my room to talk to him & by the time I got off the phone, everyone had put themselves to bed. What a FUN day!

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