Thursday, May 25, 2017

Forklift & Frank

 Another big shipment came in at work today and all the guys were gone to lunch, so I got to drive the forklift and unload the pallets. It's still stressful, but I'm getting better so it's not quite as bad as it used to be. I'm just slow, but luckily the guys that bring the shipments are patient with me.

I had a phone conference call today w/ Autumn's teacher & school counselor to get a 504 plan set up for her. Basically it's just giving her some accommodations so she has more time on standardized tests, and so that her teachers know she might need more time that other students to complete certain assignments.

 Frank hadn't planned on coming down until tomorrow, but he got all of his packing done yesterday so he drove down today. He went & got Autumn from daycare and then we went and ran some errands to get more stuff for the Open House on Saturday. I can't believe how quickly & easily it's all coming together.

My front living room is kind of command central and is a HOT MESS right now. But, it's super nice to have everything in one central location so that when it's time to load it all up tomorrow it's ready to go. Autumn & I went over and spent the night at Mom & Dad's house since Frank was sleeping at our house.

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