Sunday, May 28, 2017

Park & Impromptu Party

 Once we got home from the mini-moon, the kids were really restless from being inside all day. So, we loaded them up and headed to the park so they could burn off some energy.

Grant & Spencer were able to join a game & blew the guys they were playing w/ out of the water. Grant hit so many shots & Spencer is super fast. It was funny to watch the other players get frustrated b/c of how good our boys were.

 Frank went & shot some hoops w/ Julian & Mason for a while. The weather was SO NICE w/ a light breeze.
 We got home & Cheryl texted to see if they could stop by to drop off some stuff that Autumn had left over there when she spent the night. Frank was somehow able to hook up his phone to the TV and he looked up karaoke songs. We busted out our karaoke machine & had an impromptu party. Here're we're singing Dancing Queen. 

 Then it also turned into a dance party w/ people showing off their best moves.

My favorite part of the night was when Frank surprised me and sang, "I love the way you love me." I knew he could sing, b/c I've heard him at church. But he BLEW ME OUT OF THE WATER w/ how incredible he sang that song. I even started crying b/c it was so special & tender.

At one point during the crazy part of the night I looked at him and said, "is this really our life?" What could be better than being surrounded by family & friends in a nice & comfortable environment while making incredible memories. It's the stuff that dreams & fairy tales are made of. We are so blessed & definitely do NOT take it for granted. We both know what it's like to not feel this love & joy & bliss, so we appreciate it that much more. We finally called it a night at 1:00 am!!!

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